Hays County Advisory Committee
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In order to extract limestone from the ground, it is sometimes necessary to use explosives to blast the rock. Since Hays Quarry began operating its quarry on Dec. 22, 2004, we’ve blasted an average of once every 2-3 weeks.

Blasting is tentatively scheduled for July 20, 2015.

If blasting takes place near your home, it’s possible you may hear some noise and feel some minimal vibration. People are generally more sensitive to blasting vibrations than are their homes. When you feel the blast, its suddenness, and any added feeling of vibration from your floors, walls and windows will make the blast seem worse than it really is.

The vibration levels from blasting are normally lower, and no more dangerous than those caused by slamming doors, heavy footsteps, and children running and jumping inside your homes, or such things as traffic and thunder occurring outside. In fact, research has shown that vibration readings taken within a home will usually be at higher levels from normal indoor activities than from local blasting operations.

Hays Quarry contracts with VibraTech Inc. to measure and record all blasting with a device known as a seismograph. The vibrations recorded fall well below the federal threshold for causing potential damage to structures.